About us

Safarnama - Safar + Nama

Safarnama is a Persian word where Safar means to travel,
a journey and Nama is a Suffix which means 'an account of' or 'the story of'.
Hence, Safarnama means a travelogue, a collection of your travel stories.

Safarnama is a travel literature written during the 11th century
by Nasir Khusraw (1003-1077) and also said to be one of the
first travel literature ever written.

Safarnama is a chain of boutique bed & breakfasts, currently present in
Agra & Varanasi.

We envision ourselves to set up globally and make Safarnama
the brand name for hospitality.
Our mission is to deliver an unforgettable experience
for our guests at our opulent properties.
At Safarnama, we strive to offer you the experience of living
in a rich atmosphere just like your home, away from home.

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